Ralph Fertig Lives On Through His Dedication to Santa Barbara Bicycling

The cycling world lost a hero with the passing of Santa Barbara’s Ralph Fertig, but he lives on in our lives through his legacy. If you’re in the vicinity, consider joining his memorial ride this Saturday, hosted by Doris Phinney, President of the Goleta Valley Cycling Club. Santa Barbara City Councilmember Grant House sums up Ralph’s contributions very well: “…in his calm, understated way, this smart and thoughtful bicycle enthusiast had made a profound difference in our community. He was a role model as one who kept his sense of humor even as he was eminently prepared to take on half truths masquerading as the final word. Ralph will forever be part of a remarkable extended family joined by a passion for a healthy, sustainable, wholesome lifestyle – one worth fighting for. I will miss him dearly but he really has not gone anywhere. He’s beside little kids as they pedal to school. He is present as the space where a car would have been had its owner not chosen to ride a bike to work that day. His civility and gentle spirit are present when a traffic light responds to you, all wrapped up in your arm warmers and helmet late on a chilly winter’s eve when no cars are around. I see his smile and hear his compelling and reassuring voice encouraging us to carry on. I am grateful for Ralph and the wonderful life he shared with us all!”


























2 thoughts on “Ralph Fertig Lives On Through His Dedication to Santa Barbara Bicycling”

  1. yojamey says:

    See this page for some wonderful tributes to Ralph: http://bicicentro.org/news/3048903.

  2. yojamey says:

    Ralph Fertig I cry as I read of your death. Your bountiful and beautiful contribution to bicycling in Santa Babara and beyond is a blessing and gift that lives on, in me, and all of us who knew you and all those who never knew you that will still get to benefit from the contributions you made to bicycling. I rooted for your recovery from Leukemia and last I heard it seemed like you were clear and still planning a long and healthful life… Advocating and Lobbing for improved bicycle infrastructure with the Santa Barbara City Council, Decades of Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition-Quick Release Newsletters (Writer, Editor, Photographer, Layout and Printing) for 20 years, Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition President, Co-creating the Associated Students Branch of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition first know as (A.S. B.I.K.E.S.) Bicycle Improvements Keep Everyone Safe that is now know as the UCSB A.S. Bike Committee you attended most every meeting for the past 17 years. Consulting with me on the League of American Bicyclists applications for Bicycle Friendly Business & Bicycle Friendly University (both received Gold level designations, Mailed Annual Holiday Card recaps of your adventures, on and off bicycles, near and far. http://www.bike-santabarbara.org/rides/DIY/DIY.html I love you Ralph and you and the stand for bicyclists that you were will be sorely missed.