Overview of the Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative

Raising Funds and Awareness to Make Bicycling in California Safe and Convenient for Everyone

Our dream is that one day soon, every community in California will be connected by a network of quiet bicycle boulevards, bike paths, and protected bike lanes. Your 12-year-old child, your elderly father, your friend who’s just getting comfortable on a bike — all will be able to ride bicycles safely and conveniently to get where they need to go.

A Unique Ride for Better Bicycling in California

The California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) will be hosting the California Dream Ride this fall from Oct. 30 – Nov 4th to make this dream a reality, by raising funds for the Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative. The ride, along gorgeous ocean paths, riverside trails, and bike lanes from Santa Barbara to San Diego, offers a unique vacation and learning experience. The tour features great food, comfortable accommodations, and a special opportunity to go behind the scenes in the world of bicycle advocacy. This is the only fundraising ride in California that raises funds to support safer and more convenient bicycling. Riders can sign up at: cadreamride.org/

The California Bicycle Coalition’s new Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative advocates for safe, comfortable, conveniently connected bikeway networks for all Californians. Right now, the Initiative is focusing on raising funds to get these bikeway networks built.

Victories So Far in the “Bikeways to Everywhere” Initiative

We changed state law to permit protected bike lanes. The 2014 Protected Bikeways Act created a new kind of bikeway that protects the bike rider from car traffic with a physical barrier. Before that act, it was essentially illegal to build protected bike lanes in California! 

We won an increase in funds for bikeways. Despite cuts in federal support for bicycling, California’s program actually increased by 35%. Caltrans’ brand new “Active Transportation Program” provides grants for bicycle and pedestrian projects that make it safer and easier to walk and ride bicycles and is the largest such program in the United States.

California’s Move to Bike-Friendliness is Gathering Serious Momentum

Connected Networks of Protected Bike Lanes and Quiet Streets and Paths are Bikeways are Needed to Get More People Bicycling

The California Bicycle Coalition’s Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative—What’s Next?

Win state funding programs to build bikeways to everywhere. Now that protected bike lanes are legal, the California Bicycle Coalition is working to create the program that will fund the development of entire networks of protected bike lanes, off-street paths, and quiet streets.

2015 goals:

  • Host the California Dream Ride, Oct 30 – Nov 4th, from Santa Barbara to San Diego
  • Work with state legislators, currently engaged in a multi-billion dollar transportation budget negotiation, to push them to fund California’s bikeway networks

2016 goals:

  • Create a new state program to fund whole networks of protected bike lanes and quiet streets and paths. The first of its kind in the country, this competitive “bike network grant program” will provide large grants of $25-$50 million to serve the communities including disadvantaged communities who need it the most. It will speed up the development of bike-friendly communities by making communities plan bicycle infrastructure in whole networks rather than one street at a time.

Note: Bicycle infrastructure investments remain incredibly cost-effective, especially when compared to the massive amounts of money spent on freeway expansions, such as the recently completed I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project, which cost 1.1 billion dollars, and has done almost nothing to reduce traffic congestion. That amount, spent wisely, could complete bicycle networks in 40 communities and help to transform the lives of millions of people around the state. And for every million dollars invested in bicycle infrastructure, the state would save an estimated 1.6 to 2.8 million dollars in lower healthcare costs.

By educating cities throughout California on how to build great bikeway networks. The California Bicycle Coalition will inspire and advise local leaders in advocacy and government to accomplish this dramatic change in bicycle planning.

  1. Alta Planning + Design, as sponsor of the Bikeways track for CalBike’s California Bicycle Summit 25-28, will be assisting the California Bicycle Coalition in the hosting of a series of presentations and trainings at the summit that will give city public works departments the tools they need to create successful bikeway networks plans.
  2. From November 2015 forward, CalBike will further collaborate with Alta Planning + Design on a proactive outreach program to connect with the 50 most populous cities in California on the importance of creating these bikeways networks.
  3. This fall, CalBike will also begin offering both online and in-person workshops for mayors, city planning departments, and other local officials on: a) why including protected bikeways in their bikeways networks plans are so important to growing ridership, b) how to create successful proposals to gain the funding needed to make these bikeways networks a reality.

Note: The California Bicycle Coalition has already hosted in-person workshops on this topic in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Fresno, Eureka, Redding, Marysville, Oakland in March and April of 2015, funded by the California Department of Transportation.

Cities interested in signing up for upcoming webinars or in-person meetings should contact Dave@calbike.org.

Media interested in interviewing the California Bicycle Coalition’s Executive Director Dave Snyder should contact Melissa Balmer at (562) 221-9672 or Melissa@calbike.org.

About the California Bicycle Coalition

The California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) enables more people to bicycle for healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities for all. We envision millions of people riding bikes every day in California, with networks of safe streets and paths conveniently connecting every destination.

CalBike’s advocate member organizations across the state include: Bike Bakersfield, Bikeable Communities, Bike East Bay, Chico Velo Cycling, Inland Empire Bicycle Alliance, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Marin County Bicycle Coalition, Napa County Bicycle Coalition, People Power of Santa Cruz County, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition, Shasta Living Streets, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and Walk & Bike Mendocino. Learn more at calbike.org.