Mendocino Organizers Take a Big Step Toward Strength and Sustainability

Congratulations to the advocates of Mendocino County for making the jump to a professionally staffed organization! Their indiegogo campaign aims to raise $10,000 to bring them to the tipping point they need to reach to hire their first professional staff. Volunteering is great, but our movement to transform our communities through bicycling will win when we have the power and sustainability that only professional staff can bring. Even volunteering increases when you have staff to coordinate and support the volunteers!

Walk & Bike Mendocino is proving that rural California can transform to less car-dependent and more bike-friendly places, too. Their projects include:

  • Walk & Bike Friendly Business DIstricts.

  • Bike kitchens in Ukiah, Ft Bragg, and WIllits

  • Classes for “out of practice” adults

  • Bike rodeos for kids

  • Driver education programs

  • Sharing best practices with decision makers

“Overcoming the inertia and emphasis on cars will take more than a Facebook page, and more than volunteers. If we want to have safer streets and more options for walking and biking, we need someone working for us,” they say. “Yes!” we say. Support them today to make Mendocino County more livable.


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