Media Coverage of the Three Feet for Safety Act

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National Conference of State Legislatures “Safely Passing Bicyclists Chart” of states with safe passing laws

03/10/14 – Caltrans Press Release on California Household Travel Survey showing biking, walking and using transit has doubled since 2000

CalBike + Our Member Affiliates + “I Give 3 Feet” in the News

09/18/14 – Op-Ed – Death on a Bike by Timothy Egan – New York Times

09/17/14 – Three-foot bike law takes effect – Auburn Journal (Greater Sacramento)

09/16/14 – New California Law requires motorists to give 3-feet buffer when passing bicyclists – Tech Times

09/16/14 – Three-foot buffer law now in effect – Sacramento Bee (also The Tribune San Luis Obispo)

09/16/14 – Local cyclists, law enforcement react to 3-foot buffer law – Times Herald (Napa)

09/16/14 – California drivers must give bikes 3-foot buffer – Associated Press (San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register, Fresno Bee, Daily Democrat, the Record Searchlight Redding and others)

09/16/14 – Cars passing bicycles must give 3-foot buffer zone on California roads – ABC7/Eye Witness News (Los Angeles)

09/16/14 – Santa Cruz County celebrates cyclist safety law – Santa Cruz Sentinel

09/16/14 – New Law: California drivers must give bikes 3-foot buffer – KSBW 8/ABC (Central Coast)

09/16/14 – New traffic law takes effect today to improve cyclist safety – Chico Enterprise Record

09/16/14 – Give Cyclists Three Feet, it’s The Law – Bay City News Service/KQED

09/16/14 – New buffer law requires drivers passing bicyclists to give 3 feet of clearance – San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times

09/16/14 – Photos: Three Feet for Safety Act takes effect today – San Jose Mercury News

09/16/14 – ‘3 Feet Please’ Law for Passing Bicycles Rolls Out in California – KPBS (San Diego)

09/16/14 – New California Law: Drivers must give bikes 3 feet of space before passing – KPCC (Pasadena)

09/15/14 – Law takes effect requiring drivers to stay three feet from cyclists – The Tribune (San Luis Obispo/Central Coast)

09/15/14 – California law gives a 3-foot buffer on road – San Francisco Chronicle/Seattle Times

09/15/14 – Starting Tuesday, California Law Requires Drivers to Give Cyclists 3 Feet of Space on Road – CBS 13 Sacramento

09/15/14 – Streetsmarts: Education, courtesy key to ‘Three Feet for Safety Act’ – Santa Cruz Sentinel

09/15/14 – Three Feet For Safety Law Seeks Safer Streets for Cyclists – Capitol Public Radio (Sacramento)

09/14/14 – Three Feet for Safety Act – KION News Channel 5 (Central Coast)

09/13/14 – Driving too near bikes could bring a fine – San Diego Union Tribune

09/13/14 – Three-Foot Bike Law Takes Effect September 16 – The Malibu Times

09/12/14 – Drivers, get out your yardsticks – new California law requires 3-foot buffer for bikes – 89.3 KPCC (Pasadena)

09/11/14 – Event Promotes Awareness of CA 3-Foot Passing Bill in Effect Next Week – Streetsblog L.A.

09/10/14 – ROAD SAFETY: 3-Foot clearance around bicycles is law starting Tuesday – Press Enterprise (Hemet/San Jacinto Valley)

09/09/14 – Drivers, start your eyeballs, the three-foot rule for cyclists is here – The Los Angeles Times

09/04/14 – New state bike law requires 3-foot buffer between bicyclists,vehicles – Daily Breeze (South Bay/SoCal)


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California Bicycle Coalition Launches “I Give 3 Ft” Safety Campaign Urging Motorists To Follow New Bike-Passing Law Beginning 9/16

—————————————————————————————————————————————- Sacramento CA – California’s new bicyclist-passing law “Three Feet for Safety” takes effect Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014. In support of the law the California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) is launching “I Give 3 Feet” — a media awareness and outreach campaign. This September CalBike is collaborating with bill author Assemblyman Steven Bradford of Gardena, the California Chapters of the American Automobile Association, the California Highway Patrol and CalBike’s affiliate members across the state, to educate both the media and the public about the law and why it’s so crucial for motorists to give at least three feet distance when passing a bicyclist for the safety of everyone concerned. Follow the social media conversation with #IGive3Feet and #IGive3Ft. Learn more at


Girls riding home from school on Long Beach’s Vista Bike Blvd. Image by Allan Crawford. Available for use under the Creative Commons License.

“As a lifelong cyclist, I know firsthand that when cars and bikes collide, it often turns to tragedy,” Assemblyman Bradford said. “This bill is a great reminder that we all have to work together to keep our roads safe for all users. I thank the California Bicycle Coalition and all of the grassroots supporters who put safety first and helped us finally pass this legislation.”

A series of press conferences will be held across the state hosted by CalBike, the Auto Club of Southern California, and CalBike’s affiliate members across the state. A media alert and invite will go out later this week with details. Three Feet for Safety illustrates what many motorists still don’t understand – that bicyclists legally have a right to be on the road in California, even on streets that don’t include indicated bike lanes. Motorists need to respect bicyclists by learning to pass them safely.

“More and more Californians are discovering that bikes are an easy, healthy, and fun way to get around, but it’s unnecessarily dangerous when a motorist passes too closely.” said Dave Snyder, the Executive Director of the California Bicycle.

In fact getting hit from behind, or sideswiped by a car passing too closely, is one of the top ways bicyclists are injured. Nationally, forty percent of fatal bike crashes are caused by unsafe passing according to the League of American Bicyclists. Click here to read full release…


Video Clips Very short video examples of safe passing. To request high resolution versions of these videos please contact Melissa Balmer (562) 221-9672 or Video #1 illustrates just exactly how much space is three feet. Video #2 illustrates a car safely passing a bicyclist from behind giving at least three feet of clearance when passing. I Give 3 Stickers Here are images of the stickers available to motorists for free:   I Give 3 graphic heart version CalBike               I Give 3 graphic diagram version w 3 logos               Below are two signs being considered by Caltrans for official approval on state highways and local streets and roads: 3 Feet  'It's The Law'  Bike Sign (Oklahoma)                     3footsign