Media Alert & Invite – Free Electric Bike Expo 2/26-27 at Liberty Station Offers Consumers the Opportunity to Test Out New Bikes that Could Transform Urban Transportation

For Immediate Release – February 2, 2015

From: Melissa Balmer – Media Director California Bicycle Coalition Cell (562) 221-9672

Re: Media Alert & Invite – Free Electric Bike Expo 2/26-27 at Liberty Station Offers Consumers the Opportunity to Test Out New Bikes that Could Transform Urban Transportation

For the media:  Find a 30 second video clip here: (to request direct video access please contact Tel 702. 688. 5573 ext 700).


Sacramento CA – This February 26-28 Southern California residents are invited to San Diego to test ride the latest electric bicycle models on a specially designed self-contained test track. Over 100 models from 18 different manufacturers will be available at this family-friendly event at Liberty Station. The public, the media and bike shop retailers  can register now in advance for a  free VIP pass at:

Modern electric bikes, (referred to as e-bikes) are just like regular bikes but with a motor that assists human power, making bicycling easy even if you’re carrying your children or going up a hill. Because e-bikes are so useful for transportation, sales of e-bikes already eclipse regular bike sales in Europe and are expected to boom in the United States. Over 1,100 people came to the E-Bike Expo last month in Tempe, with electric assist cargo bikes and city bikes being clear favorites for that crowd. Over 2,500 people are expected for Liberty Station.

“The best way for anyone to truly understand what an electric bike is all about is to provide them with the ride experience. That’s why we are taking electric bikes to the people.” Ray Verhelst, President of ExtraEnergy.

The California Bicycle Coalition and the local San Diego County Bicycle Coalition are participating to promote their successful work last year to promote e-bikes as as a smart transportation alternative. Last year, the California Bicycle Coalition sponsored AB 1096 (Chiu-San Francisco) to update e-bike regulations, reclassifying them as regular bikes instead of as mopeds which prohibited them on most bike paths.

Hosted by Extra Energy, this eye opening experiential opportunity is made possible with technology by global leader Bosch (which demonstrated its belief in the U.S. e-Bike market by opening a location in Newport Beach last year), and a special enclosed outdoor track courtesy of Trek Bikes.

Electric Bike Brands Featured on the Tour

A2B, BESV, BULLS, Easy Motion, Felt Electric, Focus, Gazelle, Haibike, IZIP, Kalkhoff, Polaris, Raleigh, Stromer, Tempo, Trek, Xtracycle and Yuba.

More About The New E-Bike Law AB 1096

In October of 2015 in California, the California Bicycle Coalition sponsored  AB 1096 to reflect modern electric-assist bicycles that are much closer in performance and usage to bicycles than to mopeds. The bill gave low-speed E-Bikes the same access to bike paths that regular bikes have. It went into effect on January 1, 2016.

AB 1096 clarifies the definition of electric motor-assisted bicycles further for California by defining three specific classes of e-bikes: bikes with a top assisted speed of 20 mph that must be pedaled to operate; those with a top assisted speed of 20 mph that can be operated without pedaling; and bikes with a top assisted speed of 28 mph. By regulating these bikes differently than mopeds, AB 1096 enables a reexamination of the access restrictions imposed on users of these bikes in order to permit more access to bicycle paths, where appropriate and safe.

“E-bikes are an important part of our transportation solution. Like all bikes, they make our communities healthier, safer, and more prosperous. But outdated regulations treated them like mopeds. We’re proud to have convinced the Legislature that these devices deserve to be treated like regular bikes for most purposes, and grateful that the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association supported the classification of electric bikes so that government agencies can easily continue to update the regulations in the future. This is truly model legislation that other states should follow.” Dave Snyder, Executive Director California Bicycle Coalition.

More About the 2016 Electric Bike Expo

The 2016 E-Bike Expo travels next to Houston Texas in March before returning to California to the Stanford Mall in April. In each city the public is invited to enjoy a 25,000 square foot self contained venue which includes the specially designed outdoor test track. This track will allow thousands of locals, from avid daily commuters and recreational riders, to those who may not have ridden a bike in years, to test ride the very latest e-bikes from top North American brands including city bikes, commuting bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, fat tire bikes, compact bikes and yes even cargo bikes and more!

Because of the emerging growth of the market in North America, these events will also serve as market research test beds where through the use of advanced RFID technology, riders and the bikes they try will be tracked. Everything from the order of choice, to the number of laps will be recorded and paired with their original registration data. The participating manufacturers will get to follow along on a secured live dashboard, as well as see detailed reports and layered demographic mapping technology provided by Google. Matched with census data, these extensive results will tell participating companies what attracted the most interest and where the potential customer base is concentrated.
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Media interested in speaking with Extra Energy about the tour series should contact Pete Prebus/Chief Marketing Officer Tel 702. 688. 5573 ext 700. Media interested in speaking to Dave Snyder and the California Bicycle Coalition about the passing of the new e-Bike law, or about the upcoming events in California should contact Melissa Balmer or Cell 562.221.9672. Media interested in speaking with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition should contact Executive Director Andy Handshaw  858-487-6063.


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ExtraEnergy Services North America is comprised of a talented and experienced group of electric bike industry and event experts. The U.S. based organization is a subsidiary of ExtraEnergy of Tanna, Germany, which has been providing electric bike test and review services since 1992 and providing electric bike test ride experiences in Europe since 1997 with their mobile Test IT Tracks. Prior to the E-Bike Expo, ExtraEnergy hosted the “The Circuit presented by Shimano” at Interbike in 2015. Interbike is the largest bicycle tradeshow in the U.S. and is held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada. Find out more at

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