CalBike is Winning – Join as a Member

Our 2015 bills to enable more people to bicycle in California are, frankly, kicking ass. We can only keep winning with the support of our members

Image from Bike East BayOur Assembly Bill 902, authored by Asm. David Chiu and Asm. Richard Bloom, proposes a simple yet powerful change to ensure that “diversion programs” (bicycle education classes for a ticket fee reduction) can be offered to adults. AB 902 Passed the Assembly Floor 77-0.

Image from Marc Stosberg on FlickrWe’re also sponsoring Assembly Bill 1096, authored by Asm. David Chiu, to redefine electric bicycles and classify them into three types based on speed and throttle ability. By redefining electric bicycles, AB 1096 will allow them on bike paths by default, while still preserving local control (i.e. municipalities will still be able to ban e-bikes on their local paths as they see fit). AB 1096 passed the Assembly floor 74-0. 

East Span of the New Bay BridgeWe support Assembly Bill 40, authored by Asm. Phil Ting and Asm. Marc Levine, to keep all state bridges free to people biking and walking. AB 40 passed the Assembly 64-13.

We opposed Assembly Bill 192, the helmet mandate, as it is counter-productive. It became a call for research which died in committee (and hopefully won’t come back from the dead for a very long time).

Ghost Bike Image in Oakland from Flickr.  Oakland, California has the highest rate of hit-and-runs in the state. We strongly support Assembly Bill 8 authored by Asm. Mike Gatto. AB 8 authorizes use of the Emergency Alert System in the event of hit-and-runs. AB 8 passed Assembly 79-0.

Things are also looking good for our most important campaign: getting new funding to build networks of great bikeways throughout California. The Assembly included our request for a $25 million increase to the Active Transportation Program in its budget proposal, and over the summer Assembly leaders will negotiate with the Senate and the Governor’s Office to ensure the proposal is included in the final budget. With all the competing priorities in Sacramento we must be relentless with our call to increase state investment in great bikeways. Are you with us?

If you’re with us, renew or join as a member today. Your support is the only way we can increase state investment in great bikeways and win our legislative agenda—to enable more people to bicycle for healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities for all.