Join CalBike, even if you’re a member of your local advocacy group.

Local advocates like you and the local organizations in your community are vital for the bicycle movement in California.

But you also need a strong California Bicycle Coalition in Sacramento, doing what only we can do. We amend the state’s Vehicle Code, educate the DMV, push Caltrans to do better, and promote better laws and increased state funding for bikeways—all to encourage more people to ride bikes.

The California Bicycle Coalition represents our local partners in Sacramento, and work very closely with them. They help set our agenda and ensure that it serves local needs. We help them get what they need from state government. They support us with dues, but those dues make up only about 1% of our budget.

That’s why we need you to donate to the California Bicycle Coalition today, even if you’re already a member of your local group. We rely on individuals like you to keep up our work. Donate by December 23rd, and your donation will be matched by an anonymous donor, doubling the impact of your dollars.

Please support us today. Help us build a strong bike movement that will make all of California’s communities better places to live: healthier, safer, more prosperous, more equitable, more fun.

– Dave