The ATP has more applications than money

Advocacy Day coincided with the application deadline for the Active Transportation Program (ATP). Cities and counties from all over California submitted five copies of each application, in some cases piled high in boxes delivered in person and deposited in the basement of Caltrans. It was an “all hands on deck” day for Caltrans staff who had to log and screen each and every application, one after the other after the other, probably a thousand times.
The pile of applications represent a huge demand for active transportation projects. This round of state funding provides $123 million for two years of projects across the entire state, about the same amount it takes to build one simple freeway interchange. The California Bicycle Coalition is pressuring California budget leaders to make a real investment in bicycling infrastructure by increasing the size of the ATP. At less than one percent of California’s transportation budget, the ATP’s funding level is paltry at best.
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