For Immediate Release – City of Alameda Praised for Leadership in Bicycle Policy

Media Invite & Alert – October 21, 2014

From: Melissa Balmer/Media Director California Bicycle Coalition

Contact: Tel. 562.612-0197 Cell 562.221.9672

Re: City of Alameda Praised for Leadership in Bicycle Policy – State, Regional and Local advocacy organizations come to Alameda to highlight great planning


Oakland CA – At a short ceremony at 5:45 this evening, the Alameda City Council and the City of Alameda will be recognized for “leadership in bicycle policy for its exemplary bike parking standards, advanced transportation plan and work to design and construct complete streets with protected bike lanes.”

Not only does Alameda have one of the first protected bikeways in the Bay Area, but a second 2+ mile project has just started construction on Shoreline and a third project just received funding to carry cyclists from Alameda Point nearly all the way to Grand Street.

Additionally, over the past two years, the Alameda City Council has approved planning for one of the most impressive networks of bicycle infrastructure anywhere in the state at Alameda Point and planning requirements that ensure that residents have a safe, dependable place to park their bikes. Whether traveling to the new Estuary Park, or the new Walgreens on Park, Alamedans and visitors will have high quality bike parking available at the end of their trip.

Studies have shown that protected bikeways and dedicated bike parking can significantly increase the number of people who choose to bicycle on trips of 1-3 miles. These important policies will support those who want to bicycle around Alameda, reducing congestion, greenhouse gases and supporting public health.

The event will be held on the front steps of City Hall at 5:45pm, Tuesday October 21, 2014. Alameda City Hall is located at 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, at the corner of Santa Clara and Oak street.

Presenting the award:

  • Dave Snyder: Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition
  • Dave Campbell: Advocacy Director for Bike East Bay
  • Lucy Gigli: Director of Advocacy for Bike Walk Alameda

Receiving the Award:

  • Marie Gilmore, Mayor of Alameda
  • Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Vice Mayor of Alameda
  • Lena Tam, Alameda City Council
  • Stewart Chen and Tony Daysog have been invited, but have not RSVP’d

For questions about today’s ceremony please contact Lucy Gigli at (510)522-3252 or via email


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