Bike Delaware calls for an end to ‘share the road’ signs

no to 'share the road' signs

The little state of Delaware with a population smaller than the city of San Jose’s has a very big and bold bicycle advocacy organization. James Wilson,  Bike Delaware’s executive director, is one of the most creative state bike leaders around. His latest? A letter asking the Delaware DOT to abandon “share the road” signs.

Good idea, I say! The signs are ambiguous. I’ve actually been yelled at by a driver once who told me, “you’re supposed to share the road, so move over!”

yes to bike caution and BUFL signs

Wilson recommends use of the more direct “Bikes May Use Full Lane” sign or the simple bicycle on a yellow diamond caution sign telling drivers to watch out for bikes. I know that some counties in California already eschew the “Share the Road’ sign for the better “Full Lane” sign. Should we change  the state rules to make that standard practice in California, as Wilson is recommending for Delaware?  What do you think?


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