CalBike and Electric Bikes

CalBike today announces a collaboration with the California Electric Bicycle Association to promote electric bikes in California.

“Electric bikes can make bicycling an option for people and trips that a regular bike cannot serve, and they can be a gateway to regular biking for people who think they need a little electrical help” said Dave Snyder, executive director of CalBike.

The California Bicycle Coalition’s role will be to navigate the state legislature to amend state law that classifies all electric bikes — even the very quiet, low-speed electric bikes — as motorized bicycles and bans them from most trails and pathways. More access to off-road trails and paths is important to the success of electric bikes, but that additional access must not threaten the safety or enjoyment of those paths by other users, whether pedestrians or other bike riders.

Last year’s attempt to modify those regulations got derailed by a disagreement on the best strategy to accomplish that difficult balancing act.

CalBike will also work to win subsidies for electric bike purchases — if not all bike purchases — as part of the state’s program to convert private gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. If tax dollars are used to help people buy electric cars because that’s good for the environment, shouldn’t we help people buy bikes, too?

You can get in on the electric bike craze yourself and support this campaign by buying a raffle ticket before tomorrow, July 18th, for the chance to win one for as little as $25!

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