Discover the Opportunity of Electric Bikes During Bike Advocacy Day at the Capitol Mall Wed April 29th

For Immediate Release – Thurs April 23, 2015


Melissa Balmer – Media Director/California Bicycle Coalition
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Re: Media Alert & Invite – Discover the Opportunity of Electric Bikes During Bike Advocacy Day at the Capitol Mall Wed April 29th


Sacramento CA – the California Bicycle Coalition invites the media, state legislators and their staff, and members of the public to drop by the Electric Bicycle (E-Bike) Pop-up Demo at the State Capitol’s traffic circle on 10th Street on Wednesday, April 29 to take one of the latest e-bike models out for a spin. From 11:00 am to 5:00 pm e-bikes from top companies such as Currie Tech, Pedego, and Bosch will be available to test ride on three different routes from 5 to 15 minutes long — including the Capitol Mall’s green bike lanes — for a real-world riding experience. Helmets will be provided for those who don’t have their own.

Hosted by the California Bicycle Coalition in conjunction with their annual Bike Advocacy Day, the E-Bike Demo has two goals: 1) To help the media, legislators and the public understand the great opportunity these bikes bring to bicycling. Electric bikes are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for thousands of Californians and can especially benefit people new to cycling who may be discouraged from riding a traditional bicycle due to limited physical fitness, age, disability or convenience. 2) To educate the public regarding Assembly Bill 1096, which clarifies the definition of electric motor-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) and updates the regulations to treat certain low-speed electric bicycles more like regular bicycles, and provide their users with the same health and access benefits that users of non-electric bicycles enjoy. A fact sheet on AB 1096 will be available and shared at the event.

E-bikes offer an incredible opportunity for people who wouldn’t otherwise see bicycling as a practical option — parents who need to drop kids off at school, folks who are older or live up a steep hill, people who have a long commute and can’t afford a car, for example,” says Jenn Guitart, Communications and Development Director at the California Bicycle Coalition.

Both Jenn Guitart and Dave Snyder, the Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, will be on site at the E-Bike Demo to answer questions. Media who want to schedule an interview prior to the event, or for a particular time slot during the event, should contact Melissa Balmer at or by phone at (562) 221-9672.

About Bike Advocacy Day

Hosted by the California Bicycle Coalition just as National Bike Month (May) approaches, Bike Advocacy Day offers an opportunity for advocates from across the state to attend an advocacy training and briefing, and to meet with legislators. All details for those who would like to attend can be found at

This Advocacy Day we are asking lawmakers to increase the Active Transportation Program by $100 million. Bicycling and walking has doubled in the last decade, accounting for 20% of trips in the state. But California’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) is funded at just one percent of the state’s transportation budget. Last year, nearly $800 million in shovel-ready walking, bicycling and Safe Routes to School projects were denied due to lack of funding. Since then, Caltrans has set a strategic goal of tripling biking by 2020, a disingenuous goal if not matched by an increase in funding. The California Bicycle Coalition is leading the campaign to help Caltrans meet its goal by demanding an increase in the Active Transportation Fund of $100 million — still less than 2% of the state transportation budget but the smartest and most cost-effective investment the state can make. Read more here.

Bike Advocacy Day’s presenting sponsor is Bay Area Bicycle Law. Our other sponsors are Sally Morin Law Firm, Bosch, and GJEL Accident Attorneys. Bike parking for Bike Advocacy Day will be provided by Sacramento Area Bike Advocates.


About the California Bicycle Coalition

The California Bicycle Coalition enables more people to bicycle for the health, safety, and prosperity of all Californians. To meet our goal of doubling the number of people bicycling by 2017 and tripling it by 2020 we need every Californian to have access to connected networks of streets and paths that conveniently and comfortably connect every destination by bicycle. We work at the state level and with 16 local bicycle advocacy partner organizations across the state to get more people bicycling.

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