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Tell Lawmakers: Our State Transportation Commission Needs Balanced Expertise

Support AB 179 and ensure equitable representation on the powerful California Transportation Commission.

Legislation Update: AB 179 cleared the Assembly floor 52-24 with all but one lone Democrat in dissent: Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier. Your calls and emails matter! The CTC reform bill is now headed to the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee. 

And now they need to hear from you.

Decision-makers must understand how transportation decisions affect the air we breathe and the communities we live in. AB 179 would bring much needed reform to the California Transportation Commission; it requires at least one appointed California Transportation Commissioner to have specific qualification in environmental justice. The bill would also require regular coordination of the California Transportation Commission with the Air Resources Board.

Driver’s need licenses. Lawyers need degrees. Shouldn’t our transportation commissioners be qualified, too?

Expertise matters. It’s why the California Coastal Commission requires at least one commissioner have expertise in issues of environmental justice. It’s why both the California Air Resources Board and the Strategic Growth Council require three members have specific areas of relevant expertise.

Transportation policy is one of the most intersectional areas of governance, affecting everything from the job market to the air our children breathe. But the California Transportation Commission (CTC) doesn’t require its members to have the right expertise.

AB 179 brings the same expertise policies of other state commissions to the CTC, ensuring CTC decisions are informed by the way transportation impacts pollution and the mobility of California’s families.

AB 179 requires one appointed CTC commissioner to have direct experience working with communities burdened by high levels of pollution, including those with racially or ethnically diverse, or low-income, communities. It also requires the CTC to meet twice a year with California Air Resources Board to collaborate on the implementation of transportation policy.

Proper expertise means smarter decision-making. California deserves leaders who understand the full scope of the decisions they make. Support AB 179.


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