I Support Making all of California’s Streets “Complete Streets”

Shouldn’t all public roads in California be safe, comfortable, and attractive for everyone of all ages and abilities, including people who bike, walk, or ride public transit?

Polling commissioned by CalBike in May revealed that 8 in 10 California voters believe state and local transportation departments need to change the way they build streets and roads to make it safe for everyone of all ages and abilities to get around, whether they usually drive, walk, bike, or use public transportation.

 Do you support Complete Streets?

Our statewide poll found that Californians across the state and across all major political and demographic groups support building “complete streets”—roads with safe sidewalks, visible crosswalks, and protected bike lanes—that are safe places for everyone and not strictly thoroughfares for driving.

Senator Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) Complete Streets bill, SB 760, sponsored by CalBike and our partners, to require Caltrans to follow it’s own Complete Streets Policy and prioritize the safety of everyone who uses our roads, not just drivers, on every repaving, maintenance, and rehab project. While the first drafts of Senate Bill 760 established clear requirements for safe facilities and allocates funding to help Caltrans make streets safer and more accessible for everyone, including children, seniors, and families, and to accommodate all transportation modes, including walking, biking, and public transit, legislators nervous about the popularity of our new state gas tax killed SB 760 in committee. The signed legislation now supports the adoption of NACTO's Complete Streets guidelines.

Complete Streets can transform our communities into comfortable and convenient spaces for walking and bicycling.

We’re building momentum and support for the movement to complete our streets, and now we need to hear from you.

Simply repaving dangerous and poorly designed roadways maintains an unacceptable status quo that prioritizes the speedy movement of cars over the lives and health of our children and neighbors.

Join CalBike and our allies in demanding Complete Streets for all.

Add your name below in support of bringing "Complete Streets" to California and make our streets safer and more accessible for all.

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  • Tell Our Legislators: All of California's Streets Should be Safe and Accessible for Everyone http://www.calbike.org/complete_streets_petition?recruiter_id=79281
  • Tell Our Legislators: All of California's Streets Should be Safe and Accessible for Everyone

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