Carfree Trail Through Redwood Country Closer to Reality

by / May 29, 2018

Riding from San Francisco to Humboldt on mostly carfree trails will be a gorgeous possibility if the Great Redwood Trail is built as envisioned by Senate Bill 1029, introduced by Senator Mike McGuire. CalBike strongly supports SB 1029.

The trail would use the unused right-of-way of the North Coast Railroad under the direction of the Great Redwood Trail Agency that is created by SB 1029 to take over control from the North Coast Rail Authority. The northern segment of the trail, from Arcata to Willits, will be temporarily transferred to the state Department of Transportation who will begin the process of cataloging property easements and advancing environmental work before passing control to the Great Redwood Trail Agency. 

It will take a while, but someday we'll be able to pedal through the redwoods safely distracted by their beauty, not worrying about drivers unsafely distracted on narrow roads.

Photo courtesy of the Climate Ride. 

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