Spring Lobby Day for CalBike & Our Sustainable Communities for All Coalition Partners

by / May 09, 2018

CalBike is excited to join our partners in the Sustainable Communities for All Coalition. This cross-sector partnership advocates for our climate funds to be invested in innovative, integrated, and inclusive solutions at the community level. Each year, our coalition platform calls for the specific investments we believe will advance our vision of healthy, sustainable, and fair communities.

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Reposted From TransForm:

Co-founded by TransForm and Housing California, SC4A is a coalition of ten organizations from the transportation, housing, conservation, and social justice sectors. Since 2012, SC4A has been committed to ensuring that cap-and-trade proceeds are invested in providing Californians with the transportation and housing choices we need to protect our climate, grow a strong sustainable economy, and save households money. In 2015, SC4A’s work was profiled in a working paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as an innovative and successful cross-sector coalition.

Meet our diverse coalition members:

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