Biking because it’s fun

by / August 24, 2013

I love it when the head of the Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 says that “environmental benefits” aren’t even in the top three reasons why he bikes. I met Jared Blumenfeld years ago when he did an amazing job as head of the SF Department of the Environment. Because he was an everyday bicycle rider, I was thrilled to hear of his appointment. Today he’s written about his love of bicycling in this great blog post.

I’m with Jared: I don’t really ride a bike for the environment. Truth is, I ride for selfish reasons. Biking makes me feel good and healthy. It’s often faster than a car and always cheaper. I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in my life thanks to not owning a car — and spent them on some great vacations!  I absolutely deplore waiting in line; on a bike I never have to. It’s fun.

Now, Jared, can you help us get the Governor to join our campaign to double cycling in the next five years?  We need more funding, and we need our Caltrans Director to join the U.S. DOT Secretary in promoting cycle tracks and other stress-free facilities. While you and I love to ride, for most Californians it’s just too scary, too inconvenient. It’s not fun. I’ll give you a call. Let’s talk.

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