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Bikeways to Everywhere

Our dream is that one day soon, everyone in California will have access to a connected web of quiet neighborhood streets, off-street bike paths, and protected bike lanes, so that they can ride anywhere they need to go—comfortably, safely, and conveniently. Our Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative is bringing this dream to life by advocating in Sacramento and across the state for great design and sufficient funding to create complete bikeway networks.

We’re working to bring Bikeways to Everywhere to all Californians: people who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods damaged by decades of economic neglect; women who face challenges of sexism that suppress their cycling rates to one-third of that of men; the youngest child who is able to pedal, however slowly; and the most aged senior citizen on an adult three-wheeler; people with disabilities that make it hard to walk, but who, with assistance, can pedal; people who have to carry children or cargo on a regular basis and others who need an electric assist; and everyone who will never choose to ride but who will benefit from more of their neighbors doing so.

What does a complete bikeway network mean for people on bikes? It means no more “Bike Lane Ends” signs, leaving riders with nowhere to go. No more need to navigate fast-moving traffic on wide, busy streets. No more stressful intersections with no safe way for a person on a bike to cross. Instead, people on bikes can choose to ride on off-street bike paths, quiet neighborhood streets, and, when the best way to get there is along those busy streets, protected bike lanes. People can choose to ride a bike, and feel comfortable riding wherever they need to go.

Join CalBike today to help us make this dream a reality. 

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    Bikeways separated from traffic with physical barriers, known officially as “Class IV Separated Bikeways” are approved for use in California thanks to the Protected Bikeways Act of 2015, a legislative campaign of the California Bicycle Coalition.

    More and more cities want to facilitate safe biking by installing protected bike lanes, but this new-to-California design is still much too rare in California’s bike plans and projects. CalBike aims... Learn more >>

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    Will Senate Bill 1 be an Investment in the Transportation System of the Future—or a Return to California's Past?


    SB 1 is California's landmark transportation funding package. With it's passage in April of 2017, Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, funds improvements to the state's transportation systems to the tune of some five billion dollars per year in new revenue. SB 1 is a landmark because... Learn more >>

  • Fund California’s Bikeways

    Right now, the main goal of our Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative is to raise funds to get these bikeway networks built. In 2014, we made great strides—getting a 35% increase in dedicated state funding for biking and walking: the Active Transportation Program (ATP). The ATP gives out $125 million per year for biking and walking projects around California.

    Now we’re pushing lawmakers to double the ATP. And we're pushing for a new... Learn more >>

  • Better Design

    Funding alone won’t make our streets better, if the designs available to engineers and planners aren’t any good. Until 2014, it was essentially illegal in California to build protected bike lanes. In 2014, we changed that, sponsoring the Protected Bikeways Act, legalizing protected bike lanes—lanes that are protected from car traffic by a physical barrier, such as a row of parked cars or planters. These are the kinds of bike lanes have been proven... Learn more >>

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