Bikes allowed on BART at all times

Passengers on the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s rail lines will be allowed to bring their bikes on board with them any time of day, starting July 1, for a 5-month trial period. Bikes will be barred from the first three cars and, as usual, barred from trains that are “too crowded.”

Bikes on BART

The vote by the BART Board of Directors to allow the trial period after decades of organizing mars the most significant victory for better access on BART. How did it happen ? Bicycle riders got elected to the Board of Directors, including former East Bay Bicycle Coalition executive director Robert Raburn.

Surveys showed that most passengers were OK with allowing bike access, but Raburn cautioned that “it will take continuing education efforts to ensure that bicyclists don’t force their way onto crowded cars.” He also said that BART is “working with bike share and enhanced bike parking because those are areas where we have more capacity than on our trains.”

Congratulations to the East Bay Bicycle Coalition and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for their successful campaign to improve access to public transit!