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This election year we have a chance not just to improve transportation policy, but to improve the transportation policymakers who represent us in state government. 

California's 2018 General Election Day is November 6th

To better advance our mission, we urge you to support the candidates who will become great leaders for bicycling and transportation justice in California. 

We asked candidates five questions. Their answers tell us if they value, as we do, (1) empowering the Air Resources Board charged with protecting our air and climate with more influence over transportation decisions; (2) fully funding the active transportation projects waiting to make our cities more livable; (3) prioritizing the low-income communities of color across California who bear the biggest burdens of neglected investment, pollution, and unsafe streets; (4) supporting complete streets so that all of our streets become safer for biking and walking whenever they are repaved; and (5) supporting with subsidies the cleanest and healthiest "electric vehicle," the e-bike.

The candidates with the best answers earned our endorsement, and deserve your support. See how they did on our scorecard or dig deeper into their answers by reviewing their responses

California Bicycle Coalition

2018 General Election Endorsements

Governor of California:

Vote Gavin Newsom (D)

California State Senate:

Senate District 12 (Merced): Vote Anna Caballero (D)

Senate District 22 (San Gabriel Valley): Vote Mike Eng (D)

Senate District 28 (Coachella Valley): Vote Joy Silver (D)


California State Assembly:


Assembly District 17 (East SF): Vote David Chiu (D)

Assembly District 19 (West SF): Vote Phil Ting (D)

Assembly District 24 (Palo Alto): Vote Marc Berman (D)

Assembly District 38 (Santa Clarita): Vote Christy Smith (D)

Assembly District 43 (Burbank): Vote Laura Friedman (D)

Assembly District 46 (Sherman Oaks): Vote Adrin Nazarian (D)

Assembly District 50 (West LA): Vote Richard Bloom (D)

Assembly District 60 (Corona): Vote Sabrina Cervantes (D)

Assembly District 72 (Seal Beach): Vote Josh Lowenthal (D)

Assembly District 76 (Carlsbad): Vote Tasha Boerner Horvath (D)


Statewide Ballot Measures:


Proposition 1 (Affordable Housing Bonds): Vote Yes

Proposition 6 (Gas Tax Repeal): Vote No!

Proposition 10 (Costa-Hawkins Repeal): Vote Yes


Our Candidate Response Scorecard is a quick reference guide to the well-thought out responses to our candidate questionnaire; we judged candidates to have earned 3 points per issue if we graded their responses as those of a full-on safe streets advocate with a deep understanding of transportation & ideas for legislation they want to advance; candidates with 2 points per issue are dependable safe streets supporters, and candidates with 1 point per issue are safe streets supporters who could use some more engagement from voters and advocates to help them engage with the issues and develop their own solutions.




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