Bike sharing

Bike sharing programs loan or rent bicycles for short trips, providing a convenient, affordable way to get around without a car.

Anaheim is California’s first city with a citywide bike share program. Previously bike sharing in California was focused on student populations in college towns and on university campuses, including Arcata, Cal Poly Pomona, Davis, Pitzer College (Claremont), UC Irvine, UCLAUC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz.

Los Angeles is expected to introduce bike sharing later this year and a separate bike share program will open next year in Santa Monica. The nation’s first regional bike sharing program, to be launched in San Francisco, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto and San Jose, in connection with the Caltrain commuter rail system, was expected to be operating by this summer, but continues to suffer from delays and has no firm launch date in sight.

Outside California, bike sharing programs operate in BostonBoulder, CharlotteChicago, Denver, Des Moines, Houston, Kailua (Oahu), Kansas City, MadisonMiami, Minneapolis, Omaha, Salem, MASan Antonio and Washington, D.C. Bike sharing programs are scheduled to open in Chattanooga, New York City and Philadelphia later this year and next year in Portland, OR.


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