ATP Funding Increase

by / May 23, 2016

CalBike is advocating for an additional $100 million for biking and walking in the 2016-17 state budget. You can help.

Email or call your lawmakers today to tell them to increase funding for biking and walking.

Fund California's Bikeways: Increase the ATP is the key legislative campaign in our Bikeways to Everywhere Initiative. The Active Transportation, or ATP, is California's only dedicated fund for biking and walking. Currently at $125 million, it is severely underfunded. In the last funding cycle, there were more than a billion dollars worth of shovel-ready projects left unfunded. 

We're asking the legislature to increase funding to the ATP by $100 million this legislative session; this would nearly double the program, and go a long way toward bringing more protected bike lanes, bike boulevards, bike paths, and other bike projects to communities like yours.

Keep up on all our bills on our Legislative Watch.

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