ATP Funding Update – Assembly Proposes Additional $25 million

On May 19, we reported on our dismay at the governor’s proposed budget ignoring the critical need to increase funding to the Active Transportation Program. In response to this lack of new dedicated funding for bicycling and walking in the proposed budget—and thanks to the push you gave them by calling and signing our petition for Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding—the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Transportation proposed adding $25 million in Cap-and-Trade Program revenue to the ATP. This proposal was adopted by the full Assembly Budget Committee last week. Over the next two weeks, the Senate and Assembly Joint Budget Committee will work to reconcile the differences in their budget proposals.

Your California Bicycle Coalition and our allies commend the Assembly for its leadership, especially Assemblymember Richard Bloom, a key champion for bicycling, and chair of the subcommittee that proposed the $25 million. We are now busy advocating for the Senate and the Governor to follow suit. We’ve received positive indications that the $25 million boost to the ATP may be confirmed, but with limited cap-and-trade funds and many competing priorities, anything can be on the cutting table in final negotiations. See how you can help win $25 million in the final budget.