CalBike Endorses Suja Lowenthal and Joe Krovoza

Californians have elected a majority of state legislators who support biking, but very few who will be true champions. We need leaders who will lead on behalf of better biking, and two candidates for the Assembly will do just that.

Suja Lowenthal from Long Beach championed bikes as a City Councilmember and is campaigning on a bike. If elected, she’ll help to change the tone of the conversation in Sacramento from supportive platitudes about biking to hard-nosed dedication to make biking central to California’s transportation policy.

“I look forward to partnering with CalBike to make California even more bike friendly,” said Suja Lowenthal. “Complete streets can have a tremendous effect on the health, prosperity and safety of every California community, so I plan on using my experiences at the local level to create meaningful statewide policy.”

As mayor of Davis, Joe Krovoza created the first “beyond platinum” plan to make Davis a even better city for biking than is required by the League of American Bicyclists’ highest award level. Joe Krovoza is the founder of Davis Bicycles! so he understands both the role of advocacy and the role of government in making our communities more bike-friendly. He is a strong ally.

“The environmental benefits of cycling are well documented, but that’s not even my primary reason for encouraging bicycle use,” said Joe Krovoza. “Bicycling improves public health, saves households money, reduces accident fatalities, reduces infrastructure costs, and builds community. At the state level, our policymakers must provide local governments with tools to easily invest in their bicycle infrastructure.”

Dave & Joe

Primary elections are on June 3rd. Get out, vote, and show the power of the biking contingency. Find your polling place here.


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