Americans overwhelmingly support federal funding for bicycling and walking

National survey results released today show that 83% of Americans support maintaining or increasing federal funding for bike paths, sidewalks, recreational trails and to support Safe Routes to School programs.

The data, released  by America Bikes,  a coalition of national bicycling advocacy organizations,  show that support for federal funding is consistent  across all political affiliations, age groups, regions and community types, including 88% of those who identify as Democrats, 86% of those who identify as Independents, and 80% of those who identify as Republicans.

The conclusion is unambiguous: Americans want their federal government to preserve or increase the levels of funding used by communities throughout the U.S., including California, to ensure that adults and children can continue bicycling and walking for transportation and recreation.

Right now lawmakers in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are negotiating over the specifics of a new federal transportation bill. The House version of the bill would eliminate dedicated funding for bicycling and walking projects and programs, effectively rolling back  rolling back a generation’s worth of progress to make our nation more bikeable and walkable.  Thanks to the leadership of U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer from California, the Senate version preserves dedicated funding at current level. Read a comparison of the Senate and House versions.

Boxer chairs the committee that will craft a compromise between the Senate and House versions of the bill. We’re calling on her to continue standing firm on behalf of dedicated funding for bicycling and walking.