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The bicycle advocacy movement in California is dependent on grassroots organizations advocating to make riding a bike better in their community. The California Bicycle Coalition has a mutually beneficial relationship with local coalitions to advance bicycle advocacy in California. We have an affiliation agreement with multiple local affiliates where we represent the local coalition’s members in Sacramento. For all local affiliates, the California Bicycle Coalition provides:

1. Political clout in Sacramento

a. Legislative lobbying or administrative advocacy with state agencies as needed. CalBike will contact Caltrans and state legislators to help with agreed upon issues that require a Sacramento presence.

b. The right for local affiliates to claim a presence in Sacramento in their own membership and outreach materials. Our lobbyist is your lobbyist.

c. The right to take credit for statewide actions and victories in collaboration with us!

2. A role in deciding CalBike’s goals, priorities, and strategies

a. Participation in the development of the California Bicycle Coalition’s strategic priorities, and a role in more frequent decisions through invitation‐only meetings.

b. Opportunity to share in the appointment of members to the Board of Directors of the California Bicycle Coalition. CalBike’s bylaws require the appointment of three representatives of local advocacy organizations.

3. Benefits for local coalition members

a. All affiliate members are represented by CalBike in Sacramento. No contact information is transferred from the local affiliate to the California Bicycle Coalition. However, affiliate members should be encouraged to opt in to CalBike communications.

b. 10% discounts on comprehensive bicycle insurance program called the Spoke Insurance program.

c. $10 discount on memberships in the Better World Club, the bicycle‐friendly auto club with bicycle roadside assistance and bicycle insurance options.

d. Invitations to special events, including online events, held by the California Bicycle Coalition.

4. Services for local affiliates

a. Local membership priority. All members of the California Bicycle Coalition are encouraged to join their local affiliate.

b. Donor and membership sharing. We share information with local affiliates, to the extent permitted by our member.

c. Material for your newsletters. Monthly ready‐to-publish updates on state issues that local affiliates can use to rally members.

d. Insiders’ updates on statewide and national bicycle‐related issues.

e. Funding when possible from state grants.

Join us today and help us triple bicycling in California by 2020!

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