The Three Feet for Safety Act is now law in California.

The Three Feet for Safety Act is finally in effect as of September 16, 2014. The Three Feet for Safety Act requires motorists to give at least three feet of clearance when passing people riding bikes.

Priority #1 right now is education. Give Me 3 is CalBike’s two-point campaign to promote awareness about the law.

1. Spread the word. While CalBike works with media outlets to promote awareness, you can help. Use the tag #IGive3Ft or #GiveMe3 in social media to tell your friends the importance of passing safely.

2. Post traffic signs where they’re most needed. Just like the “Bicyclists Allowed Use of Full Lane” sign reminds motorists about a cyclist’s legal right to “take the lane,” a “Three Feet—It’s the Law” sign will be hard to miss. CalBike is working with Caltrans to get a sign approved as soon as the law goes into effect so that local agencies can install them wherever they’re needed.

Have questions about the Three Feet for Safety Act? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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