CBC is established as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation with a $10,000 grant from the Bicycle Federation of America.


CBC writes and sponsors Assembly Bill 1020, which more than triples the funding allocated to the Bicycle Lane Account, the only Caltrans account dedicated solely to bicycle projects.

CBC co-sponsors Assembly Bill 1475, which invests $115,000,000 over five years in bicyclist and pedestrian safety projects near California schools, creating the nation’s first statewide Safe Routes to School program.

CBC rewrites the bicycling section of the California Driver’s Manual to better educate motorists about the presence of bicyclists on roads. CBC gets the DMV to include a question about bicyclists’ right to “take the lane” in the mix of those questions used on the exam.

CBC sponsors the successful California Assembly Concurrent Resolution 211, which directs cities and counties to accommodate bicyclists in all transportation projects by implementing Caltrans Deputy Directive 64 and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s design guidance document on integrating bicycling and walking when making road improvements.

CBC fights for bike racks on buses by successfully amending the vehicle code, through Assembly Bill 1409, to allow buses in excess of 45′ in length to operate on California’s highways. CBC also fights for and works on the “Bicycle Blueprint,” California’s master plan for bicycling.

CBC hosts the first biennial Walk Bike California Conference in Oakland.

CBC hosts the second Walk Bike California Conference in Ventura.

CBC introduces Assembly Bill 1358, The Complete Streets Act, to ensure that the transportation plans of California communities meet the needs of all users of the roadway including pedestrians, bicyclists, users of public transit, motorists, children, the elderly, and the disabled. AARP California joins CBC as the bill’s co-sponsor.

CBC supports Assembly Bill 57, which indefinitely extends California’s Safe Routes to School program created in 1999.

CBC hosts the third Walk Bike California Conference in Davis.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signs AB 1358 into law and California becomes the largest state to embrace Complete Streets. Meanwhile, CBC continues to work closely with Caltrans as the agency revises Deputy Directive 64 (DD-64) to state clearly Caltrans’ intention to adhere to Complete Streets principles as a matter of policy.

CBC successfully sponsors Assembly Bill 1464, which establishes within Caltrans a process for designating bicycle routes of regional, statewide and national significance.


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  • Sponsored AB 345 requiring Caltrans to include nonmotorized representatives on its important Traffic Control Devices Committee. Caltrans implemented the legislation in January 2012.
  • CBC establishes the Sacramento Legislative Bike Caucus, with co-chairs Senator Michael Rubio (Bakersfield) and Wes Chesbro (Arcata).
  • Reformed the California Traffic Control Devices Committee to include two nonmotorized transportation experts in its ranks. As of February 2012, longtime bicycle advocates John Ciccarelli and Bryan Jones hold seats on the CTCDC.
  • Single-handedly improved the transportation bill in the U.S. Senate thanks to a timely press action two days after Senator Boxer released the draft bill in November 2011.
  • Generated 1,500 support letters to the Governor for SB 910, our 3-foot passing bill, and developed a base of support of recreational bicyclists. Though it was inexplicably vetoed, the organizing we did on behalf of the bill has helped to create a powerful force for more change on behalf of bicycling.
  • Educated thousands of cyclists through our California Department of Public Health-funded Bike Safe California  website, lunchtime seminars, safe cycling instructor trainings, and city planner workshops.
  • Helped more than 100 city planners and engineers learn how to accommodate active transportation in their community plans through six workshops held throughout the state.
  • Convened the California Bike Summit, bringing together more than 100 leaders of bicycling advocacy organizations from around the state to figure out how best to take the next, bigger steps toward a more bicycle-friendly California.


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  • Successfully sponsored AB 819 authorizing Caltrans to establish an experimental process for allowing cities and counties to install and evaluate protected bike facilities like those described in the Urban Bikeway Design Guide from the National Association of City Transportation Officials.
  • Successfully sponsored SB 1339 authorizing a 4-year pilot program in the San Francisco Bay Area to adopt a commute benefit requirement.
  • Successfully supported AB 2245 to exempt Class II bikeways (i.e., bike lanes built in the roadway) from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act.


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  • We won the “Three Feet for Safety Act” when the governor finally signed the bill specifying three feet as the safe amount of clearance motorists should provide when passing a bicycle.
  • Thanks to coordinated effort with our allies in active transportation, we can also celebrate a 35% increase in bike/ped funding.
  • Under most people’s radar but extremely important for bicycle planners, we eliminated an archaic regulation that made it hard to remove a traffic lane and replace it with a bike lane, as Christopher Kidd reports.
  • Convened the California by Bike Summit, which received considerable media attention, brought together advocates from all over the state, and helped propel the bicycling movement forward

CalBike organizes and leads California’s delegation to the annual National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C.