AB 902 Update

Cyclist Ticketsmaller
The California Bicycle Coalition has been working with lawmakers in Sacramento throughout the legislative session to get California to allow bicycle diversion programs, which reduce ticket fines for those who take bicycle education classes. We have good news:

We won.

Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 902, to allow reduced fines for adults who take a bicycle education class. This is huge news. The new law will make riding bikes more affordable, and will encourage riding by boosting people’s confidence and skills. The California Bicycle Coalition couldn’t have won this bill without our members and outspoken advocates. We urge you to join the California Bicycle Coalition as a member today and help us win more laws that encourage bicycling.

Now that we have won in the capitol, implementing diversion programs in your community is up to the grassroots. AB 902 goes into effect on January 1, 2016, and it’s up to our local partners and local advocacy groups to ensure that police departments adopt diversion programs in your city.

Thank you for supporting the California Bicycle Coalition, and local bicycle advocacy. We can only move this work forward with supporters like you—join us today.

You can also read more about our victory here: